Blue Buffalo dog food Nutrition Philosophy

Blue Buffalo Nutrition Philosophy

" Love them like household. Feed them like household." ®
We enjoy our family pets, which is why whatever we do constantly returns to the concept that we consider them as household. Our objective is to develop the healthiest foods possible-- due to the fact that a much healthier pet or feline is a better one, and a better family pet suggests a better family pet moms and dad. That care and devotion enters into every bag we make.
What's In Our Food and Why
BLUE foods include the finest natural active ingredients integrated in best balance for holistic nutrition. These scrumptious, premium active ingredients are the structure of all of our items together with important vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants-- each particularly developed for canines, felines, lifestages, weight conditions, taste choice, and individual feeding option.
Like us, felines and pets need a well balanced diet plan that is a mix of 6 nutrient classes:
These nutrients assist felines and pets fulfill their day-to-day requirements for energy, development and general wellness.
Of equivalent value is the quality of the components from which these nutrients are obtained. Genuine chicken meat is a greater quality protein source than chicken or poultry spin-off meals; chicken fat is thought about a greater quality source of necessary fatty acids than generic "animal fats." Subtle distinctions like these might figure out whether a family pet food brand name's components are as healthy as they declare to be.
Premium Protein Sources
Proteins are the standard foundation for cells, tissues, organs, hormonal agents, enzymes and antibodies, and are vital for development, energy, upkeep and repair work.
Proteins can be acquired from a range of sources. Animal-based proteins such as chicken, lamb, turkey, fish, egg and beef have total amino acid profiles, suggesting they include a broader range of the amino acids your canine or feline can utilize.
BLUE dishes constantly begin with premium proteins such as deboned chicken, lamb, or fish.
Some brand names cut corners by utilizing protein from chicken or poultry spin-off meals, or perhaps worse, from corn, corn gluten meal, soy or soybean meal-- not BLUE.
The most focused type of food energy, fats supply more than two times the energy of carbs or proteins. They are likewise needed for absorption and usage of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, and E. Fats supply fats, which to name a few things, aid to offer a healthy skin and coat and help in reducing swelling.
BLUE just utilizes the very best sources of fats: wholesome veggie oils like flax, canola and sunflower seed, and quality fish oils from herring and salmon. Chicken fat is likewise a popular active ingredient in much of our items.
When you change to BLUE is the stunning shine and soft texture of your canine or feline's fur, one of the most significant modifications you may see. This is most likely the outcome of the high quality, well balanced mix of fats, proteins, and oils utilized in BLUE.
Carbs are an essential source of energy for felines and pets. Entire grains, like wild rice, barley and oats, are outstanding low-fat sources of highly-digestible complex carbs.
Entire grains are likewise an abundant source of dietary fiber-- both insoluble and soluble-- which is important for healthy digestive tract function.
BLUE just utilizes quality entire grains, not the less costly and less reliable "fractionated" grains discovered in lots of pet foods. And obviously, BLUE never ever utilizes corn, soy, or wheat. These are thought about by lots of veterinary nutritional experts to be lower quality active ingredients utilized as fillers and are frequently related to family pet allergic reactions.
Wholesome Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and veggies supply necessary phytonutrients, anti-oxidants and enzymes, plus natural vitamins, minerals and fibers that promote health and health.
A higher-quality pet dog food or feline food consists of healthy vegetables and fruit that supply lots of crucial vitamins. Potatoes, carrots and peas are terrific sources of Vitamin A, while blueberries are an outstanding source of Vitamin C.
Vitamins and Minerals
Minerals and vitamins interact, in combination with your animal's natural enzymes, to assist with food digestion, muscle and recreation and bone development. They are likewise necessary for healthy skin and coat and assistance body immune system health, too.
Vitamin supplements are likewise typical components you must search for in the very best pet dog food and feline food. In BLUE, you will likewise discover the minerals they require, like manganese, iron, copper, potassium, and calcium and phosphorus.
Due to the fact that minerals can be tough for felines and canines to take in, it's essential their food be supplemented with "chelated" minerals. A chelated mineral is one that is "connected" to quickly absorbable amino acids, which implies they will enter into your family pet's blood stream quicker. Chelated minerals, like the ones discovered in BLUE, depend on 4 times quicker soaked up than frequently utilized inorganic minerals.
Our Exclusive LifeSource Bits ®.
Among the most essential methods BLUE differentiates itself from other pet food brand names is with the addition of our special LifeSource Bits.
We discovered that even the highest-priced family pet foods prepare their included minerals and vitamins right along with the rest of their components when we were establishing BLUE. This procedure can break down the effectiveness of essential anti-oxidants like Vitamin C approximately 75%. Our LifeSource Bits are "cold-formed" to maintain their effectiveness so that your canine or feline delights in the complete advantage of all vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals.
LifeSource Bits include an accurate mix of anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins picked by holistic vets and animal nutritional experts. These consist of active ingredients assist support your pet dog's or feline's body immune system, support their particular life phase requirements and assist preserve a healthy oxidative balance.
What's Not In BLUE and Why.
While the premium active ingredients we consist of in BLUE are the structure of our healthy, holistic diet plan, what we select not to consist of is of equivalent significance.
There are numerous active ingredients that are thought about less than preferable by family pet moms and dads who wish to feed their pet or feline with the exact same care as a relative. Remarkably, when you take a look at pet food and feline food labels, you'll see a few of these active ingredients in a number of the leading family pet food brand names-- however not in BLUE.
Chicken or Poultry By-Product Meals.
Spin-off Meal consists of the ground, rendered, tidy parts of the carcass of butchered poultry, such as necks, feet, undeveloped eggs and intestinal tracts, special of plumes, other than in such quantities as may happen unavoidably in excellent processing practices.
At Blue Buffalo we utilize "Chicken Meal" or "Turkey Meal" made from the entire meat of the birds, not spin-offs. Poultry or chicken spin-off meals cost a lot less than meals made from entire meat. At Blue Buffalo we believe the expense is well worth it to understand precisely what's in our food.
Soy, wheat or corn Proteins (Glutens).
All of these are less total and lower quality sources of protein and prevail irritants in family pets. Grain proteins do not consist of the total amino acid profiles particular for felines or pets and are not as quickly absorbable as meat-based proteins. Lots of pet food business utilize the cheaper glutens to increase protein levels without the total amino acid advantages of utilizing more pricey meat, poultry or fish proteins.
Basically, these components are more affordable, lower in nutrition, and things we would never ever consist of in a BLUE dish.
Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives.
Preservatives like BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, propylene glycol offer no dietary worth and have actually been related to possible adverse effects. Some pet food brand names turn to synthetic colors and tastes in an effort to make food appearance and taste much better. We do not.
We hope this details assists you much better comprehend what we do and why we do it at Blue Buffalo. We understand we're not alone in our belief that these are the essential aspects that identify what comprises a healthy and really healthy animal food. The advantage is, BLUE pet dog and feline food was produced with all of these things in mind, which suggests the choice ready to what feed them simply got a lot much easier.

BLUE just utilizes quality entire grains, not the less costly and less efficient "fractionated" grains discovered in lots of pet foods. When we were establishing BLUE, we discovered that even the highest-priced animal foods prepare their included minerals and vitamins right along with the rest of their components. At Blue Buffalo we believe the expense is well worth it to understand precisely what's in our food.
Some pet food brand names resort to synthetic colors and tastes in an effort to make food appearance and taste much better. The excellent thing is, BLUE pet and feline food was produced with all of these things in mind, which suggests the choice about to what feed them simply got an entire lot much easier.

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