Black Neon Tetra

Black Neon Tetra

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Black neon tetras are a hardy schooling tropical fish from Brazil. They are a friendly fish that would make a great addition to a community tank with similar sized fish The female black neon's tend to be bigger and fatter than the males if you are looking to have a mix of males and females. 

They are very flashy fish swimming by driftwood or live plants in larger schools. We recommend keeping them in schools of five or more.

Black neon's can be fed a variety of smaller frozen foods, flakes, and small pellets. They are a smaller fish so frozen like brine shrimp is recommended or small flake. 

Black neon tetra's reach an adult size at 2 inches and can be housed in an aquarium ten gallons and larger. They are great for beginner hobbyist because they are hardy and easy to care for in the aquarium. 



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