Lee's 3-way breeder

Lee's 3-way breeder


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Lees Multi Purpose three Way Fish Breeder is a Multi Purpose plastic drifting tank with detachable center divider can be utilized as seclusion tank, breeding tank, or betta display screen tank. Functions: Safely and securely separates newborn fry from mom and other fish - Maturation tank for fry - Isolation tank for aggressive or hurt fish - Breeder for either liver-bearers or egg-laying fish - Makes it possible for breeding of several fish - Designed to permit optimal water circulation - Ingredients: High quality, non-corrosive plastic. Search_Phrases: Aquarium, Aquarium Accessories, Fish Breeding Supplies, Isolation Tank, Reproduction Tank, Betta (chinese fighting fish Display Tank, Lees Aquarium, Lees Multi Purpose three Way Fish Breeder

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