Activ flora planted aquarium Substrate

Activ flora planted aquarium Substrate


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ActivFlora™ Planted Aquarium Substrate is a Bio-Activ NUTRIENT-ENRICHED™ gravel specially developed and suited for planted aquaria. ActivFlora™ gravels are naturally abundant in trace elements that instantly provide a nutrient-rich environment in which your aquatic plants will thrive and achieve optimum health and growth.

• Bio-activ Nutrients™ for faster, healthier plant growth. • Contains LIVE® Heterotrophic bacteria for Instant Cycling® of your planted aquarium.
• 100% Natural - does not contain artificial dyes or additives. • Promotes healthy root system - Activ-Flora™ is extremely microporous
• Will not alter pH in your Planted Aquarium. • Natural bi-segmentation™ process to promote optimal Oxygenation
• Naturally Spherical grains promotes maximum diffusion (aeration)
• Activ-Flora™ is rich in Iron, no need for laterite.


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