Angelfish assorted

Angelfish assorted


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Angelfish are a type of cichlid that come from South America. They are a tropical fish that can be found in ponds, lakes, and the Amazon river. 

Angelfish can be in a community tank with similar sized fish until they reach adult size they can become very aggressive especially when they decide to pick a mate and become a pair. 

Angelfish come in a variety of colors such as koi, black, silver, pearl scale, platinum, and marble, etc. They also come in veil tail and standard fin, along with super veil tails. 

Angelfish love live plants and driftwood in their tanks. Setting their tanks up with this décor will make them feel like they are in their natural habitat. Keep this in mind when selecting angelfish for sale in the store, so you can look at the selection to make them more comfortable in their new environment. 

An adult angelfish requires seven gallons of water so make sure you have enough space for them to grow, or upgrade their tank as soon as possible. 

Angelfish have a hard time swimming in fast moving water for a long period of time. Make sure your aquarium has medium level flow and does not make it hard for them to swim around in their aquarium.

Angelfish when paired can push all other fish to the other side of the tank, if this happens move the pair to their own tank so your other fish can move around in their tank. 

Angelfish pairs can have 100 to 1,000 eggs in one spawn. If you decide you want to breed your angelfish make sure they have their own tank of 20 gallon high or larger. have a separate tank to move the eggs after they are done spawning unless you want them to parent raise. Have a batch of baby brine shrimp hatching to feed the fry when they begin to free swim. 



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