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Cherry Barbs are vibrantly colored fish and among the most popular in their household. Their brilliant colors and education nature are loved by aquarists of all levels.
They are sturdy fish that makes these fish ideal for novices or specialists. If you are simply beginning out, take an appearance at the procedure at which to set up your tank and the time required.

A female and male Cherry Barb.
Like other fish in their household, Cherry Barbs are egg scattering fish that provide little to no adult care to their young.
An excellent indication of spawning is the personality of the males along with the colors they have. The brighter the red, the most likely your fish are all set to generate.
They are exceptionally simple to bread and will generate frequently. A set will lay 200 to 300 eggs, spread on the plants and substrate.
Plants are incredibly essential as that is where they will lay their eggs. You can likewise include a generating mop which will capture the eggs which must work simply great. A spawning mop is a piece of soft thread or sponge that will gather the eggs making it simple to gather.
As soon as the eggs have actually been laid, it is necessary to eliminate them right now and put them in a different tank, or they will be consumed.
Utilize a smaller sized tank, poorly lit with fairly low water motion. The water itself ought to be somewhat more acidic and on the greater end of the temperature level spectrum. This will keep the conditions like their natural environment.
After a couple of days the fry will hatch and a couple of days later on they will start swimming around. It is very important to feed them small foods such as vinegar eels or micro worms up until big adequate to consume salt water shrimp.
At this point you can include them back to the tank. Males end up being significantly aggressive throughout this time, while women will have less energy after laying eggs.
A different tank might be required to enable your women to restore their strength far from the aggressive males.
Are Cherry Barbs Suitable for your Aquarium? (Summary).
Brilliantly colored and extremely durable then these fish are ideal if you are looking for a fish that is calm.
They make fantastic additions to any neighborhood tank so long as the other fish are serene and will not pester them.
Cherry Barbs are simple to look after and will need little attention. This indicates that no matter your level, from newbie to specialist, these fish will be remarkable additions.
Remember the shy nature and comprehend that this is absolutely regular. Constantly keep a school of them together and this nature will be less obvious.
We advise them to novices as it's hard to make errors with these fish.

Males tend to be more of a red/cherry color, whilst women are whiter. The body-length lateral line is likewise browner in women.
You will likewise see that women likewise tend to be rounder in the stomach while males are somewhat slimmer and in general more brilliantly colored.
This dimorphism is the factor for some individuals just picking males. Because without a healthy ratio of women and males, infighting and bullying will happen, the brilliant colors are tricking.
No matter what sex, these fish include a lot color when put in a planted tank. They will continuously be moving and capturing the eyes of anybody who passes due to the fact that of their education nature.
An albino variation of this barb has actually likewise been developed utilizing hereditary choice. They are like the Cherry Barb however have somewhat various habits.
Cherry Barb Habitat and Tank Conditions.

Cherry Barb are belonging to Sri Lanka, however they are now making houses in Mexico and Colombia, where they reside in big groups in greatly shaded, calm bodies of water. Their populations are decreasing in the wild; nevertheless, their numbers in the fish tank trade are prospering.
They flourish in extremely rainy areas; this indicates that they are adapted to a tropic environment with little temperature level modification.
Barbs are discovered in little ponds and streams on the jungle flooring. Light does not permeate the canopy well, suggesting they do not get much light. Root systems typically take control of the banks of the ponds along with leaf litter on the bottom, covering the sand.
Generally, the water is somewhat more acidic due to the place of the ponds and streams with fairly low motion.
Tank Conditions.
It is constantly crucial to make these fish feel as in your home as possible.
This suggests making certain that your tank is well planted. Having plants will simulate their natural environment and provide locations to conceal. These fish will look brighter due to the fact that they'll stand out versus the green in the tank.
No particular plants are required however Java Fern, Hornwort, or Anacharis are excellent examples.
Another method to assist them stick out is to have a darker substrate. While they do not need any particular substrate, having a darker, coarse gravel or sand makes the red stand apart much more.
Ensure to have a big enough tank for an education group. If you are including other types of fish), 25 gallons is the minimum size and anything bigger is ideal (specifically.
You need to likewise keep the lighting low, or utilize lots of plants to supply shade.
When it comes to the water conditions, they are not exceptionally fragile and will react to some change well. They are a sturdy fish however not never-ceasing so make certain to keep the conditions as close and steady to the following specifications as possible.
Temperature level: 73 ° F-81 ° F.
Hardness: 4-15.
pH: 6-7.5.
Water circulation: Moderate.
What Size Aquarium Do Cherry Barbs Need?
A 25 to 30 gallon tank would be best. The factor for the size actually boils down to the reality that women will require a location to conceal throughout spawning.
This additional space will permit them to swim away and the plants will provide lots of concealing locations. They will grow in bigger tanks also so do not hesitate to include them into bigger neighborhoods.
The Number Of Cherry Barbs Can Be Kept Per Gallon?
You ought to enable 5 gallons per Cherry Barbs. The area is essential for their health. Since it permits them to school as well as have adequate space to conceal if required, keeping 5 or 6 in a 30 gallon tank will be ideal.
Cherry Barb Tank Mates and Compatibility.

Cherry Barb's taxonomic name is Puntius titteya and they become part of the Cyprinidae household. Minnows and carps become part of this household, in addition to the Celestial Pearl Danio. It is really the biggest household of fish worldwide with over 2000 types worldwide.


These Barbs have actually a slim lengthened body, reaching around 2 inches in length. They have a lateral stripe that goes from head to tail.

While the household might be prospering, these fish are at threat in the wild. Due to natural environment loss and poaching their numbers are on the decrease. Something keeping their numbers steady is the fish tank trade where they are among the most popular barb types.
These fish grow in tranquil neighborhoods that match their tranquil nature.
They live for in between 5 and 6 years and they'll consume a large range of food and can even be fed specific foods that will highlight much more color than regular (more on this later).
Normal Behavior.
Due to their education habits, they bring a lot color and activity to the middle of your tank.
The factor for this originates from the truth that the more fish in a group you have the more positive they will get. From a social and survival element, a group of fish is most likely to make it through an attack than a person.
It's crucial to keep Cherry Barbs in a group to avoid them from going into hiding and being actually shy.
When keeping a group of Barbs you likewise require to think of the ratio of males to women. Throughout generating males will bug women, which implies having the right ratio of males to women is necessary. , if a male is going after one woman just she will get stressed out which might lead to health problems.
The perfect ratio is 1 male for each 2 women. This provides a break from being chased after however likewise lets you have your vibrantly colored males on display screen.

These fish will look brighter since they'll stand out versus the green in the tank.
The very first couple of days you include your fish you might not see much activity. When including fish to your neighborhood tank, the most crucial thing to believe about is character. Aggressive fish will bug tamer fish triggering them to conceal. Fish get ich when their immune systems are not working as well, typically when they're stressed out.

These fish love to consume shrimp!
In the wild Cherry Barbs will consume anything they can get in their mouth. This omnivorous way of life indicates they are not particular about what they consume.
Diatoms, algae, plant matter, little pests, worms, shellfishes, and other zooplankton all make a fantastic meal for these little fish.
In a tank setting nevertheless this suggests that you can feed them almost anything and they'll consume it.
Live or frozen foods like salt water daphnia, shrimp, or blood worms will keep these fish delighted. You can likewise utilize flakes which contain some quantity of plant product.
Having an enriched diet plan is necessary to make certain they are getting all the minerals that they require.
Feed them 2 or 3 times a day and you will have no issue with their energy or color. Ensure to not over-feed or under-feed your fish by viewing everyday just how much they consume and change appropriately.
Cherry Barb Care.

You'll have shy and shy fish rather than the positive fish you desire if you do not get the ratios right.

This fish will fit well into planted tanks as they will utilize the plants to conceal when threatened, specifically in the woman's case as males tend to bother women throughout breeding.
In this post we will speak about how to look after Cherry Barbs, their perfect tank mates, how to reproduce them and a lot more ...
Care Level:
Color Form:
Red with a Dark Band from Head to Tail; Males are Brighter
Life expectancy:
5-6 Years
1-2 Inches
Diet plan:
Minimum Tank Size:
25 Gallons
Tank Set-Up:
Planted Community
Other Peaceful fish
Tabulation [conceal] Summary
Normal Behavior
Cherry Barb Habitat and Tank Conditions
Tank Conditions
What Size Aquarium Do Cherry Barbs Need?
The Number Of Cherry Barbs Can Be Kept Per Gallon?
Cherry Barb Tank Mates and Compatibility
Keeping Cherry Barbs Together
What To Feed Cherry Barbs
Cherry Barb Care
Cherry Barb Breeding
Are Cherry Barbs Suitable for your Aquarium? (Summary).

A juvenile Cherry Barb.
These fish are incredibly durable; this is the reason they make such great newbie fish. They do not typically get illness as long as you keep the water conditions as steady as possible.
Due to the fact that they are so durable it is not likely that you will need to handle your fish getting ill, nevertheless if your water criteria alter or the quality of your water does not remain optimum, your fish might get a few of the typical fish illness (fin rot and ich).
Fin rot is a bacterial illness triggered by bad care and a filthy tank. You'll observe contaminated fish appear like their fins are torn and practically decomposing away. There are medications that you can utilize to deal with fin rot, however the most essential one is to clean up the tank and keep it tidy by performing weekly water modifications.
Ich is most likely the most typical fish illness. Fish get ich when their immune systems are not working as well, normally when they're stressed out.
This illness can be dealt with by increasing the temperature level of the tank by 2 or 3 degrees for 48 hours, medications are likewise offered.
As long as you keep your tank tidy and the water specifications steady, it is not likely your Barbs will be exposed to any illness.
Cherry Barb Breeding.

Cherry Barbs are extremely tranquil and need to be put with fish that share that nature. This indicates fish like Tetras, Celestial Pearl Danios, and Glass Catfish will make best mates for Barbs.
This serene nature reaches shrimp and other invertebrates. If you are believing of including Ghost Shrimp, Cherry Shrimp, or Mystery Snails then go ahead.
Some other suitable tank mates consist of:.
Neon or primary tetra.
Harlequin rasbora.
White cloud mountain minnow.
Otocinclus catfish.
Clown loaches.
Rainbow shark.
These Barbs make fantastic additions to serene neighborhoods. The very first couple of days you include your fish you might not see much activity. You may see them concealing under plants or away from the.
This is regular with shy fish and is not a concern. Provide time to get utilize to their brand-new environments prior to presuming there is an issue.
When including fish to your neighborhood tank, the most crucial thing to think of is character. Aggressive fish will pester tamer fish triggering them to conceal. This not just stops you from seeing the Cherry Barbs color however might lead your fish to end up being stressed out.
A fish like the Tiger Barb, although a types of barb, will do simply that: bother. They are understood for assaulting the fins of other fish.
This is an example of a fish that is aggressive enough to trigger issues however will not always consume your fish like Oscars or Cichlids will.
Keeping Cherry Barbs Together.
There are couple of things a couple of things you require to do, to keep these fish pleased; keeping these fish in groups is a must. These fish are extremely social and need the group to be active in the water column.
Then you will see them concealing more than swimming, if you just have a few of these. Bigger groups will provide self-confidence and enable you to enjoy their existence and color.
You ought to have a 2:1 ratio of women to males. This will assist prevent any male hostility throughout spawning.
What To Feed Cherry Barbs.

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