Ferret RX upper respiratory

Ferret RX upper respiratory


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When your little fuzzy is under the weather, Ferret Rx comes to the rescue! Helps to quickly open nasal passages and increase oxygen flow, alleviating runny noses, head congestion, and labored breathing. This respiratory treatment contains safe and natural ingredients.
2 oz. bottle.  

For Best Results: apply warm.  To warm, remove seal on bottle and place bottle with cap opened in a pan of heated water.  Test before applying.  For hot water vaporizer; add 1 oz of Ferret Rx to the water (about 1 gal)  and operate for at least one hour, three times a day.  

Ingredients/Materials: Balsam, Camphor USP, Oil (of) Origanum, Oil (of) Rosemary, Corn Oil.

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