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These cute cuddly friends require hay, fresh water, fresh vegetables as well as a small amount of pelleted food created for test subject, plus a vitamin C supplement each day. They additionally need a relatively big cage lined with paper-based bed linens. The SETTING in which you house your guinea pig needs to remain in a quiet place away from sound, excitement and also stress and anxiety. You must avoid direct sunshine, as well as cool damp areas. Guinea Pigs do best in dry, amazing environments with ample air flow.
Guineas are SOCIAL animals, so more than one can safely be housed with each other, consisting of men with females. New males might periodically scrabble within the presence of a female, however they normally are fine to be with each other. Two hands are always advised when picking up and also managing a guinea pig to ensure that there is much less danger of dropping them. They seldom turn hostile, nevertheless they might jump or try to run if they aren't made use of to being managed.

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