Platy Assorted

Platy Assorted

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Platy fish are a tropical fish that come in many colors such as red, yellow, white and orange, which makes them a gorgeous addition to any tank. They are found in multiple rivers such as South America, freshwaters in Mexico, Guatemala and northern Honduras.

Platies are peaceful fish, they are very active live bearing fish that can be added to many community aquariums at the beginner level. 

Platies are not picky eaters and can be offered a variety of foods such as flake, pellet, and frozen such as brine shrimp or bloodworms. 

Males are smaller than females in most cases at maturity, and reach a size of two inches. 

They breed very easily so keep this in mind when you see platy for sale, if you do not want fry (baby fish) keep this in mind and try to pick males. 



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