Rainbow Shark

Rainbow Shark

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Rainbow sharks are a tropical fish from southeast Asia. They have a greyish, black body with gorgeous red fins, their fins and body give the appearance of a shark. 

Rainbow sharks can reach a length of six inches when they reach adulthood. Keep this in mind whey deciding if you want to care for them when you see rainbow sharks for sale. Keep in mind they are best suited in a 55 gallon tank.

Rainbow shark is a semi aggressive fish and should have driftwood or something to hide in or under. Housing more than one in an aquarium is not recommended unless their aquarium is big enough for them to have their own territory in the tank, even then it is advised to only have one per tank. They may pick an area of the aquarium and become territorial of that area of the tank. 

Rainbow sharks are not picky eaters they will eat flake, frozen foods even pellets that reach the bottom of the tank. Keep in mind it is best to have a cover on the tank due to them being jumpers and may jump out of the tank at times of stress. 

Breeding conditions are unknown at this time. 

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